Stephen Edmundson
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Stephen Edmundson plays Hammered Dulcimer and various flutes,
accompanied by Tomasz Gaworek on guitar.

The two musicians are bound together by their love for traditional Irish and
international folk music, as well as classical music.

Stephen Edmundson plays the Hammered Dulcimer, a rare instrument, that has been experiencing a revival lately, especially in Celtic music. His main focus is the music of Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and Brittany.
Filling out the repertoire are select pieces from the Renaissance and Classical periods. The brilliant, ringing tone of the Hammered Dulcimer is completed by the soft and relaxing sounds of the whistle and flute.

Tomasz Gaworek, a fingerpicking guitar virtuoso, can coax delicate and lyrical as well as rhythmic tones from his steel string guitar. He always manages to weave a fascinating tapestry of counterpoint to the melodies of the flute and Hammeres Dulcimer.